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Vintage tea cup pin cushion

vintage tea cup pin cushion

This is a quick and easy make and is a fun ‘upcycling’ way of using an old china tea cup

What you will need:

  1.  Vintage tea cup
  2.  Any fabric, we have used some pink gingham
  3. Stuffing
  4. A small button
  5. Lace
  6. Thin ribbon
  7. Sewing machine


Step 1

Fold your strip of fabric in half and draw around your tea cup with some tailor chalk, or a pencil. Pop a pin in place and then cut around the circle.

tea cup and fabric

Step 2

With your two circles you need to place the lace carefully in between the two pieces of fabric. Use a pin and gradually go around the circle gathering it up as you go.

lace and pink gingham

Step 3

Machine around the circle, being careful when you go over the pins. Leave a gap of around 2 inches and break off the cotton.

sewing pin cushion joy to make

Step 4

Turn the fabric inside out to reveal the lacy circle and the stuff the insides with your stuffing.

pink pin cushion joy to make

Step 5

Finish off by hand, sewing up the hole and making sure the lace gets tucked into as well.

hand sewing pin cushion

Step 6

Make a bow with your thin ribbon and attach to the middle of your pin cushion using a needle and thread

ribbon and pin cushion

Step 7

Thread a button through the cotton and finish off attaching it.

ribbon and button pin cushion

Complete! Place inside your tea cup!

pink pin cushion

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