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Sock Gallery Workshop

sock gallery Loughborough

We are going to be running a crochet workshop at the Sock Fair at Loughborough Town Hall on Sunday 22nd March 2015.

Come along and bring your 4-16 year olds to participate in some creative crochet sessions! Make funky coloured bugs and creatures or fashionable headbands and bracelets. It’s free to join in, so we hope to see you all there! the workshop will fron from¬†10am – 4pm.

It’ll also be a great opportunity to take a look at all the fantastic arts and crafts on offer from our local artists!


sock gallery Loughborough Town Hall


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Let’s Crochet!

When you have mastered crochet you will find that this versatile pastime is very satisfying.

There are so many things you will be able to create with different yarns and hook sizes from fine lacy shawls to baby layettes and chunky scarves and hats, or cotton tops for the spring.

The great thing about crochet is that it grows so quickly!


Most yarns can be crocheted, some are very fine and lightweight, like the mercerised cottons and silk and wool blends. Any double knit and chunky/aran weights can be used for garments or household accessories.

The colour ranges of yarns are fantastic, really bright and lively to muted and classy looking colours you will always love.


Crochet is enjoying a revival in interest, years ago there were lots of patterns around if you wanted to crochet a table set, but as these aren’t so popular now we need to find more up to date patterns to work on. There are plenty of books out there and online content with some great ideas.

patterns do vary in different countries. US stitches are different to UK ones.


The basic stitches you need to know in crochet are:


Chain Stitch   (Ch)     This is the foundation of crochet work.  Make a loop with the wool and hold it in one hand with the hook in the other hand.  Pass the hook through the stitch and then loop the yarn round the hook then pull it back through the loop, this makes a chain.  Keep doing this until the desired length is required.

Slip Stitch       (ss)       Insert the hook into the stitch to the left of the hook, loop the wool round the hook and draw back through the stitch and the loop on the hook.

Double Crochet  (dc) Insert the hook into the stitch to the left of the hook, catch the wool with the hook and draw through the stitch (2 loops on the hook), put the wool over the hook again and draw it through the 2 loops on the hook leaving 1 loop remaining.

Half Treble Crochet (Htr)      Loop the wool over the hook then insert the hook into the stitch, loop the wool again and pull through the stitch (3 loops on hook), loop the wool again and pull through all 3 loops leaving 1 loop remaining.

Treble Crochet (Htr)  Loop the wool over the hook then insert the hook into the stitch, loop the wool again and pull through the stitch (3 loops on hook), loop the wool again and pull through 2 loops on the hook, loop the wool over again and through other 2 loops leaving 1 loop remaining.

Double Treble (dbl. Tr.)  Loop the wool over the hook twice, insert the hook into the stitch to the left of the hook, loop over the hook and pull through (4 loops on hook), loop the wool again and pull through 2 of the loops on the hook, then loop the wool again and pull through the remaining 2 loops on the hook leaving 1 remaining.

Closed circle   When starting a round item like a beanie hat this is an ideal way to start. Loop the wool around in a circle, insert the hook through the back of the circle and pull a loop through, holding the loop tight Insert double crochets into the ring (as many as needed for the pattern) and the pull the circle tight.  You now have the start of your work.

There are many other stitches but if you start with these you will be able to do most things, please look at the pattern though as I have found variations on the abbreviations and types of stitches, so if you have got to grips with these and you find that on your pattern it is slightly different you will be able to adapt to what they are asking for to make the pattern work.

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Myboshi Crochet Workshop

crochet beanie hat

This week we have been making crochet myboshi beanies

Well we are getting to that stage of waking up again its nearly Spring!  We’ve lots to create in the next few weeks to brighten ourselves and our homes after the long freezing winter.

Everyone that came had either no idea or just limited knowledge of crocheting, so we started with a step by step guide, with the aid of our trusty camera projecting onto a screen showing the process as I demonstrated.  This approach seemed to work really well, and taking our time they learned a few basic stitches to get them started with crocheting.  A bit of practice later and it was time to start the real thing.  Tea and cake came out then, we needed it!


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In the MyBoshi books there is a great guide to help you with the stitches, but most of the ladies were fearful as they had no understanding of a crochet pattern, so we showed them how to read the abbreviations as we began to make the beanies, it all becomes clear when you have a hands on approach and follow it logically.

Some picked it up more quickly than others, we used the stitches learnt, and with patience guided them through the process.  Everyone seemed to enjoy it and they all made a good start on their beanies.  We were delighted to get a picture of a finished beanie a couple of days later, well done to all the ladies we hope they enjoyed it, we did.  So come back soon! Next workshop on 2nd March! Click here for booking.

So what’s happening over the next few weeks..¬†

March is pretty busy with Easter craft workshops, both at Bridge Street and at Lubcloud Farm, these will be great fun so book soon.¬† There is also stuff for the kids at a drop in workshop we are doing for Loughborough Sock Gallery, ‚ÄėLets make bugs‚Äô for the younger ones and ‚Äėfunky crochet‚Äô for the teens.¬† There is also the Cozy Crochet club, alternate Mondays, and Sewing BEE on alternate Thursdays.¬† Dressmaking is the thing for Spring.

We also help people with their own special projects, like making curtains, or dressmaking.

So there is lots to do and we would love to hear from you if you need any help or would like to join in any of our groups and workshops.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]