Our new workroom is complete :-)

Here is our new workroom! A lot has gone on in the past year and we decided to relocate from Loughborough town centre to the outskirts. It was for various reasons, parking was one of the issues, and also the area we were in wasn't quite suitable. We have now created a fabulous workroom which [...]

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Bunting Making Workshop

BUNTING GALORE!   We’ve been making quite a bit of bunting lately, there are so many celebrations going on, what with weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and lots more ‘happenings’ there has been so much to do.   So we have given bunting the ‘Joy To Make’ treatment and it looks great, using cottons and cotton mixes [...]

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Creative weekend

What a great weekend we have just had!    A lovely afternoon with Annie and her friends celebrating her 40th birthday on Saturday, they chose to do creative textiles instead of partying in a club, because they knew that was what she would prefer, so thoughtful of them.  They decided to create a wall hanging [...]

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Creative Textiles Workshop

Creative Textiles Workshop   I love fabric, its tactile, versatile, you can do almost anything with it, shape it, mould it, sew it, whatever.  I am so very fortunate to have a fantastic array of different fabrics, different weights, different colours, from fabulous silks to gorgeous upholstery fabrics , braids, ribbons, buttons, cottons.  With these [...]

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Plan a party with us!

Joy To Make creates fun and creative parties for all ages and abilities. If you are planning a special event, why not consider Joy To Make to add that certain special something to the mix! Joy To Make offers a full party service which includes activities from sewing, crochet, knitting to painting and textile art. If [...]

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A fun workshop weekend!

What a busy weekend we had with crochet workshops and private sewing tuition. On Saturday we were teaching how to make a Roman Blind, Sunday we were running a crochet workshop for children at The Sock Gallery in Loughborough, and Monday we were making curtains.   Our Roman Blind workshop was to make one large [...]

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Tips for using your sewing machine

Here I will explain some of the key features common to most types of machine. If you are thinking of buying a sewing machine, or you have been given one, it can be a little daunting if you haven’t used one before, or not used it very much.   Threading the sewing machine is relatively [...]

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