Creative weekend

What a great weekend we have just had!    A lovely afternoon with Annie and her friends celebrating her 40th birthday on Saturday, they chose to do creative textiles instead of partying in a club, because they knew that was what she would prefer, so thoughtful of them.  They decided to create a wall hanging [...]

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Stripy Summer Crochet Bag

We have a new bag on the block!  It's our Stripy Summer Crochet Bag made with gorgeous, soft DMC Natura XL Just Cotton.  Fancy having a small bag you can throw a couple of items in and pop out to the shops or for a drink? Then this is the bag for you! It's easy [...]

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Learn to crochet workshop

Another lovely crochet workshop filled with lots of tea, giggles and learning the art of crochet! If you missed out on the workshop here's a few pictures of the evening where we learnt all the basics of holding the wool and hook, making a chain stitch, double crochet stitch, and half treble stitch, not to [...]

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Easy Peasy Crochet Teapot Stand and Coasters

Easy Peasy Crochet Teapot Stand and Coasters   I crocheted this teapot stand and 8 coasters in less than an hour. Materials 1 ball Hoooked Zpagetti and a 10mm hook.     Teapot Stand R1        C4 then slip stitch into the first loop to form a ring. R2        C2, then 10HT into the ring, SS into the [...]

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A fun workshop weekend!

What a busy weekend we had with crochet workshops and private sewing tuition. On Saturday we were teaching how to make a Roman Blind, Sunday we were running a crochet workshop for children at The Sock Gallery in Loughborough, and Monday we were making curtains.   Our Roman Blind workshop was to make one large [...]

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Changing colour on a myboshi beanie hat

Changing colour on a myboshi beanie hat What is also important in making a myboshi beanie is changing colours of the hat, which you do once you come to the end of your 'round'. You introduce the new colour at the 'slip stitch' stage, where you insert your hook into the stitch and loop the new yarn [...]

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Sock Gallery Workshop

We are going to be running a crochet workshop at the Sock Fair at Loughborough Town Hall on Sunday 22nd March 2015. Come along and bring your 4-16 year olds to participate in some creative crochet sessions! Make funky coloured bugs and creatures or fashionable headbands and bracelets. It's free to join in, so we [...]

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Let’s Crochet!

When you have mastered crochet you will find that this versatile pastime is very satisfying. There are so many things you will be able to create with different yarns and hook sizes from fine lacy shawls to baby layettes and chunky scarves and hats, or cotton tops for the spring. The great thing about crochet [...]

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