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How to do applique

applique your own cushion Joy To Make

How to do applique, it’s not as difficult as you think it might be!

Step 1. Create a design you want to add on to your cushion. Draw out a stencil onto some card. We chose a ‘love bird’ design with two birds and a heart. Once you have cut out your shapes, pick some fabric and then pop the iron on.

cut out card stencil

bird stencil joy to make

Step 2. We used an iron on adhesive to glue the fabric together. Place your stencils on the adhesive paper and draw round them, then cut out the shapes and place them on your chosen fabric in the reverse.

heat adhesive joy to make

Step 3. Iron the adhesive to the fabric. This only takes a second with a hot iron.

stencil on fabric

Step 4. Cut out the shapes on the fabric and place them on the front of your cushion fabric. Iron on top of the fabric They should be firmly stuck down.

fabric stencil cut out

iron on adhesive

Step 5. Pick a contrasting cotton colour and choose a zig zag stitch on your sewing machine. Start slowly, and go round the edge of your shapes with the sewing machine. if you have found that you have missed a few stitches, you can hand finish these after you have finished on the machine.

make a cushion workshop

applique cushion workshop

Step 6. Assemble your cushion, sew up the sides and if your cushion has a zip, place on in (Blog on adding zips coming soon!)

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